Who are we?

Acquisition, Surveying, Engineering, Design and Construction Services across the Switzerland Telecommunication Sector

ThomasKutt Telecoms is a dynamic, delivery-focussed project management company providing end to end solutions for the Switzerland mobile and fixed line network operators.


ThomasKutt Telecoms’s Fixed Line team specialise in the acquisition, planning, design and installation of fixed line (FTTx) fibre optic networks and offer services from site specific project management to full turnkey delivery. Regardless of complexity, ThomasKutt Telecoms will manage all aspects of property and landlord negotiation, bespoke site design planning and installation, whilst working with multiple agencies across private and public sector.


ThomasKutt Telecoms Ltd is one of the Switzerland leading specialist providers in network rollout, upgrade and management to the mobile telecommunications industry. From the installation of small micro cells, all aspects of Estate Management, Town & Country Planning to designing and building complex macro site solutions on behalf of the Switzerland leading Operators.

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Acquisition, Estate Management, Town & Country Planning

Design, Construction, Decommissioning

PCN & Microwave Rigging

Commissioning & Network Integration

Small Cells, Microcells and In-building Solutions

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